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Breeder Janet and Gary Oppedal                                                            Buyer__________________________________________________________________

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Garjan Dobermans puppies will be $3,000.00 This includes, 500.00 Deposit at 7 weeks old, this Deposit is not refundable.. It will pay the travel and vet expenses for cropping YOUR PUPPY.   Medical exam required by airline,  IF you fly to come pick up your puppy the puppy will cost you $3000.00 AND you can carry your puppy as a carry on.  Just confirm with your air  line. You will need to provide Carrier bag for puppy like this..  I will gladly meet you in Travers City Airport with your puppy at no charge, Flint or Detroit Airports I will have to add 100.00 for time and travel.   

Added cost of shipping is depending on the airline you use you will have to provide to me appropriate size crate, 2 bowls and shipping cost will be paid by you prior to the puppy being taken to airport. 

Pet Contract and Sales Agreement      

This contract is non-transferable

Garjan Dobermans agrees that PUPPY:_________________________________________________

AKC Reg #_________________________________     Chip # _________________________________________



Date Whelped:___________________________ Sex:________________________    

On this_________________day of_________________20________, the above described dog of the Doberman Pinscher breed is being sold to the above described person(s), under this agreement. Breeder guarantees the above-described dog to be free of any parasites and in good health at the time of purchase. If, within forty eight (48) hours initial here:______of the sale date the above buyer(s) has veterinarian proof that the above dog is ill, then the buyer agrees to return the above dog to the breeder. The breeder will either return the dog in well condition or will replace the dog. Should a replacement dog ever become necessary, the breeder agrees to furnish a dog out of the same litter or a future litter equal in quality, (quality meaning “Pet” quality) to the original dog.  Should the buyer(s) take the above dog to the veterinarian or incur any expenses, the breeder shall not be held responsible for any or all expenses. It is further understood, that under no circumstance will there be a refund of the purchase price. initial here:______


The above dog is being sold as “Pet Quality” and will be registered to the breeder with limited papers from AKC, until the dog is neutered at which time Gary Oppedal and Janet Oppedal will sign off and the new owners can transfer the puppy in to their names. NO PUPPY WILL BE SPAYED OR NEUTERED BEFORE 18 MONTHS OF AGE:  If there is a medical need to Spay or Neuter and Exception will be made.  initial here:______

Limited papers mean: That the dog CAN NOT be shown in AKC conformation classes, however could be shown in any other AKC events such as (obedience, agility, WAC, CGC, etc.). Limited papers also mean that all offspring from the above-described dog will NOT be eligible for registration. initial here:______



In the event the new owner would like to participate in an AKC Conformation shows, the Breeder will offer 10 Show Days, Entries and handling fees,  Handler must be agreed on Prior to the entry being made for the show AND as long as the owner has taken the puppy to approved handling classes with a Conformation Instructor once a week for at least 8 weeks starting at 16 weeks to 24 (6 months) weeks prior to the puppy being shown. initial here:______

Puppy 4 to 6 months of age, can be shown in B matches.. which will not count toward the 10 AKC regulated classes after the puppy is eligible for breed points.

If the owner wants the puppy to stay with the breeder from 16 week until the puppy has achieved his/her Champion title.  

All show fees and 100.00 a week for boarding + Divided Travel expenses will apply and be paid in full once puppy is picked up for its new home. 

Once the above mentioned puppy receives his or her AKC title, the puppy will be signed over to the new owner with full registration.  

If the puppy does not turn out to be show quality first choice will be given on the next litter, you can keep the original puppy or rehome him/her.   

EAR POSTING:  The puppy will have his/her ears posted as needed until they stand erect on their own, this could be 12 weeks to 18 months depending on the puppy and the type of ear wrapping that is done.  initial here:______                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

If for any reason the buyer(s) cannot keep the above dog, it is agreed the breeder(s) will be notified immediately and may request the dog be returned for the life of the Puppy. (NO REFUND) initial here:______

Any or all liabilities, expenses or liens that have occurred on the dog prior to its return to the breeder will NOT be the breeder’s responsibility. initial here:______

The buyer(s) also agree to send complete medical records and AKC papers with the dog upon its return to the breeder. initial here:______
If the buyer(s) have questions about their new dog, they will call the breeder(s).
initial here:______

HEALTH GUARANTEE: Garjan Dobermans can not Guarantee the GENETIC health of this puppy, OR any DOBERMAN we produce.  Provided in your puppies information are the genetic heath results for the mother and father of the puppy and the puppies DNA results as well.(DCM 1&2, vWD,). BUT due to the FACT that Dobermans that are tested DNA and NEG for known markers (they do not have them) STILL CAN DEVELOP DCM. BUT as a breeder This is the best we can do at this time. IF any test come available, I will notify you and you can have your puppy tested for that genetic marker. initial here:______

The breeder’s representation that the puppy is of sound temperament is based on observation of the puppy and knowledge of its ancestry. This means the puppy is sound when the buyer(s) purchases it. The buyer is aware that behavior is based on genetics and environment.
Improper training and neglect can spoil good genetic temperament

The Puppy MUST be fed a complete Grain Free Food until the puppy is 18 months old. initial here:______

The buyer(s) must call the breeder for advice if unsure of how to deal with a particular behavior of the puppy. initial here:______

AT Any time IF the BUYER dose not abide by the contract the Breeder can take legal action in small claims court Charging up to 5000.00 for every infraction and take possession of the puppy.

The breeder is not responsible for the behavior of the puppy after it has been with the buyer(s) for 30 days. 

The above puppy is being purchased for the price of $3,000.00 the purchase price includes the ears cropped, de-worming, age appropriate vaccinations, medical exam crate bowls and Shipping. 

Puppies purchased AFTER 16 weeks of age, will be $3500.00 to cover vaccinations and training, AKC Pointed puppies will be $4000.00 or more depending on the individual puppy.

Breeder_____________________Date__________         Buyer___________________Date________                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Breeder_____________________Date__________         Buyer___________________Date________

This clause is what will make the contract legally binding in a court of law.


Signed on this _______ day of ________________, 20__, in ________________[CITY, STATE]. Two copies of this Agreement have been signed in original form—one copy to Purchaser/Co-owner and one copy to the Breeder. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of [CA] (and any other state of the United States of America) to the exclusion of any other forum and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.



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