Died of Wobblers

 CH. Shal-Mar's Bodacious Blue Knight
Sire: Shal-Mar's Delta Rouge D' Erica 
Dam: Shal-Mar's Delicious Devil



Levi is our first champion.

Levi had very limited breeding due to having wobblers.

He succumbed to this disease on 6/18/2012.

All information has been passed on the the (2) bitch owners whom have bred to Levi, as well as the AKC and the DPCA in hopes that all of his off spring owners will be noitified.

Wobblers information

WOBBLER'S SYNDROME - is suspected to be an inherited condition in Dobermans. Dogs suffer from spinal cord compression caused by cervical vertebral instability or from a malformed spinal canal. Extreme symptoms are paralysis of the limbs (front, hind or all 4). Neck pain with extension and flexion may or may not be present. Surgical therapy is hotly debated and in some surgically treated cases, clinical recurrence has been identified!

There is no test available for the wobbler’s disease, until a test becomes available. We all need to work together as responsible breeders and keeping records and closely looking for longevity along with all of the available health testing.

Health: OFA excellent, OFA normal cardio, vWD carrier, CDM 1 HET, CERF

Achievements: AKC Championship obtained on 5/16/2009, ATT, CGC and U.C. Davis Blood Donor.

Pedigree of " CH. Shal-Mar's Bodacious Blue Knight"

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Shal-Mar's Delta Rouge D' Erica      


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