CH. Shal-Mar's Legacy of Eragon ATT
Sire: Shal-Mar's Iron-Will 1st Encounter 
Dam: Shal-Mar's Beauty-Mona Lisa


vWD Carrier, DCM Negative

IDEXX Labratories Date:  1/16/2017
Cardiology Report (3012656-14/ECG Consult)
Saphy Oppedal (39632)
Requesting Doctor: Aliana Mather, Dr Species: dog Age: 9yr 7Mo
Gender: Female Breed Dobermans Pinscher Weight 80.00 Lb
Murmur Grade: None
9YO FE Doberman wellness Screen
Heart Rate: 94

Rhythm: Sinus

ECG Findings and Assessment: 
The ECG shows a Sinus rythm. No Abnormalities are noted at this time. 

Diagnostic Recommendations: 
None Further are suggested.

Therapeutic Recommendations: 
No Specific cardiac therapy is suggested based on current information, I hope that she does well. Thank you for using our service. 

Darlene Blischok,DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

    Achievements: Best of Breed 11/7/2009 over some of the top winning Dobermans in the Nation.
Thank you Edd E. Bevin


Achievements: AKC Championship obtained on 11/07/2009

Pedigree of " CH. Shal-Mar's Legacy of Eragon"

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Shal-Mar's Iron-Will 1st Encounter      


Int'l CH Shal-Mar's Valentino CD, CGC

 Ch. Cha-Rish Cord
CH. Shal-Mar's Definetly Camille
Everdobes LL'S Little Lois Lane Ch. Marienburg's Ace Of Clubs V Davil
Darmael's Fly to my Blu Heav'n


Shal-Mar's Beauty-Mona Lisa

CH Shal-Mar's Latin Sinsation D-Erica Ehlhaus Gunsmoke
D-Erica's Fiona-V-Shal-Mar
Shal-Mar's Delta Jewel Shal-Mar's Delta Rouge D'Erica
Shal-Mar's Diamond Keepsake



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