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Cheek swabs needed NOW from *healthy* Dobermans

***Individuals or groups with 5 or fewer Dobermans, please go to the
website and order your cheek swab kits there asap.
As before, this is Free- no cost to you, painless, and takes only a few
minutes to do in the privacy of your home.  
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Dr. Mark Neff and his research team are committed to ongoing genetic research on numerous heritable conditions affecting the our breed. They recently reported that the Doberman community is the premiere supporter in the number of samples in their laboratory - they have more Doberman samples than any other breed! But more information and more samples are needed.


A short 2 minute online, CONFIDENTIAL, no obligation, survey had been developed for you to enter information about your dog(s)...both control dogs and affected dogs are being sought, and you will have an option to request a free DNA kit be mailed to your home if you would like to participate further.

**Even if you have already contributed a sample in the past to Dr. Neff's research projects, they request that you please take the simple survey to answer questions and update information about your dog.**


Dr. Neff is actively pursuing DNA research on Doberman wobblers, liver disease, compulsivity spectrum disorders, cancer and other breed associated conditions. Dr. Neff's lab successfully identified the mutation for 'Dings' and a DNA test for dings will be available shortly (publication of the professional paper identifying the genetic defect was necessary prior to public availability of the test in order to keep the cost of the test as low as possible for us).

We have an opportunity to truly advance ongoing research efforts and every Dobe can be part of the solution to improving canine health. Please consider taking this simple 2 minute- 100% CONFIDENTIAL survey about your dog(s) at:

Please distribute this email/the above survey link to all Doberman sites, friends and forums! It will take widespread dissemination to Doberman owners everywhere to meet Dr. Neff's goal- which is to have 3000 responses! Because of scheduling, the survey will only be open for *3 weeks*, so please take it soon. Let's keep Doberman health research on the leading edge!

Please contact me with any questions. We can look forward to updates from Dr. Neff on this survey and other research results this October at National!
Thank you,
Kathy Davieds DVM

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